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If you have been charged with a non-violent crime, it might be easy to dismiss it as “no big deal.” Don’t make this mistake! Even a non-violent crime can result in a tarnished reputation, jail time, and a life turned upside down.

If you are charged with a Class A misdemeanor, you could face up to one year in jail. If you are charged with a Class B misdemeanor, you could face up to 90 days in jail. If you are charged with a class B misdemeanor, your case will be tried by a judge instead of a jury.

Don’t treat non-violent charges flippantly! In some instances, you might face felony charges and in all situations, you will face penalties that can significantly affect your life. For aggressive legal representation, call our New York criminal defense lawyer at (646) 690-9075.

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We handle the following non-violent crime cases at Wagner Law Associates, P.C.:

  • Aiding & Abetting Conspiracy: This charge simply means you have been accused of helping another person commit a crime. In these instances, the court will treat you in the same manner that it treated the original person who committed the crime. The penalties you will face will depend upon the type of crime you aided and abetted (aiding and abetting shoplifting will have vastly different repercussions then aiding and abetting murder).
  • Extradition: At Wagner Law Associates, we are experienced when it comes to extradition cases. While, internationally, a country is only compelled to extradite a suspect if that country has a treaty in place it must honor, states are required to surrender individuals with open arrest warrants in another state. We are prepared to help our clients navigate through the unique complexities of an extradition case.
  • False Identification/Fake ID: Did you know that using a fake ID can result in potential felony charges? In New York, it is considered a form of forgery to possess a fake driver’s license or form of official identification. If you are arrested near your campus you may also face disciplinary action at your school and have to deal with permanent, negative effects on your college record.
  • Perjury: If you knowingly made a false or misleading statement under oath or in a signed legal document, you can be charged with perjury. If you swore falsely, you can be charged with third-degree perjury. If you swore falsely with the intent to mislead a public servant in the performance of his official functions you can be charged with perjury in the second degree. You can be charged with perjury in the first degree if your false statement consisted of testimony or was material to the proceeding in which it was made.
  • Probation Violation: After you have been placed on probation in New York you are supposed to subject yourself to warrantless searches, maintain employment, subject yourself to drug testing, report to a probation officer, and follow the directions of probation—which may include orders to attend a drug treatment program and avoid consorting with criminals. If you break these requirements, your probation can be modified or revoked altogether and you can be heavily fined or sent back to jail.
  • Supplying Alcohol to Minors: According to New York law, it is illegal for anyone to furnish alcohol to a minor or to make false statements about a minor’s age in order to facilitate a sale to them (this is otherwise known as “social host liability”). If you hosted or permitted a party at your home or on your premises where underage drinking occurred, you can incur serious criminal penalties.
  • Trespassing: In New York, trespassing can be a felony offense. You can be charged with third-degree criminal trespassing (a Class B misdemeanor charge) if you knowingly entered a building or property unlawfully. You can be charged with second-degree criminal trespassing (a Class A misdemeanor) if you knowingly entered or remained unlawfully in a home. You can be charged with first-degree trespassing (a Class D nonviolent felony) if you knowingly entered or remained in a building while an accomplice possessed a deadly weapon or a firearm, rifle, shotgun, or ammunition.
  • Underage Drinking: If you unlawfully possessed alcohol, you can face a fine up to $50 and be ordered to participate in an alcohol awareness program and to complete up to 30 hours of community service.
  • Vandalism: Vandalism is an act of criminal mischief. You can be charged with criminal mischief in the fourth degree if you intentionally damaged someone’s property and the damage value was more than $250. You can be charged with criminal mischief in the third degree if you have three or more prior criminal mischief convictions and the damage value was more than $250. If you intentionally damaged someone else’s property and the damage is valued at more than $1,500, you can be charged with criminal mischief in the second degree, which is a Class D felony. If you used explosives while intentionally damaging someone else’s property you can be charged with criminal mischief in the first degree, which is a Class B felony offense with a prison sentence up to 25 years.

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